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For my fellow artists that do craft shows in all kinds of nasty weather, we have developed an easy system for hauling a lot of weight without killing yourself. With the help of Jamie Lavin, this is our invention. You go to the local scrap yard or sporting goods store to buy the weights. These are standard barbell weights and they all have a 1" hole. Our holders complete the setup. Each stick has a ring at the top, the weights are slid on from the bottom and the pin is inserted into the hole. Hang the weight and you are ready to go. Each stick will hold 10-15 weights, depending on whether you get the 10 lb. ones or the 10 kg ones. Either way it should be plenty to hold down the corners of the tent. The great thing about this system is there is a very small shipping charge because you buy most of the weight locally. I have also done weights out of 2" solid steel bar and while they are nice and thin and work well, the shipping cost can be high. Additionally, you only have to pull out of the truck or van the weights you need for the weather; calm weather means hauling only half your total weight count.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks.

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