Click to enlarge<p><font size="40">Jimbo</font></p>&#13;&#10;<p><font size="30">Head Monkey</font></p>&#13;&#10;<p><font size="25">Bought the Farm</font></p>

This sculpture is named after Jimbo; we worked together summers while I was in college. Mike was there too, so we were the three monkeys, and Jimbo was the lead man. He drove a white 442 ragtop, with factory air. But he had an unfortunate run-in with a steel deck bridge and is no longer with us. He wore an earring, before it was widely popular.

Forged steel, shot blasted and clear coated. It preserves the metal in its natural form, raw and exposed, fresh and clean. About 2' wide and 37lbs without the stand.

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