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compiled by Bill Lynch

This CD was put together by Bill Lynch. As he was collecting old books and catalogs, he kept getting requests to borrow them or have copes made. He meticulously scanned every page of every book and built a PC-based front end. We Mac users can look at each of the files, but the front end is a .exe. If you are looking for pictures of tools, this is the place to go.

The CD contains:

    1. Buffalo Forges, Blowers, and Drills
    2. Buffalo Forge Company; Illustrated Catalogue; Edition of 1896; 400 pages
    3. Buffalo Forges
    4. Forges, Blowers, Drills, Punches, Shears, Shrinkers, Grinders; Canedy-Otto, No. 12
    5. Champion General Catalog No. 92; 26 pages
    6. Air & Feu; Forges-Fours-Ventilators; General Catalogue 1924; 95 pages
    7. D.H.Potts, Lancaster, PA; Illustrated Catalogue 1900; Tire Benders, Upsetters, Portable Forges, Blowers, Drills, Screw Plates, Vises, &C.; 85 pages
    8. Mechanical Technology; Catalog No 205; Buffalo Forge Co.; 97 pages
    9. Champion Blower and Forge, 1920; 171 pages
    10. Champion Tool Co. DeArment; No. 67; Special Catalogue Vehicles
    11. Constitution and By-Laws of the International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, 1901; 48 pages
    12. War Department; Technical Manual The Blacksmith and Welder; June 1942; 99 pages
    13. Wrought Iron, Its Manufacture, Characteristics and Applications, ~1936; 65 pages
    14. Tables for the Use of Blacksmiths and Forges; Giving the allowance for drawing down and staving of round, square, and flat sections of all sizes; also tables for hoop lengths, and for the weights of iron and steel bars, including instructions for estimating the weights of forgings; Longmans, Green and Co. 1917; 96 pages
    15. Buffalo Portable Forges and Blacksmith Machinery
    16. Canedy-Otto; Forges, Blowers, Drills, Stocks and Dies, Screw Plates, Pincers, Tongs; 35 pages
    17. Montgomery Ward Catalogue No. 82
    18. Patents on Champion Blowers, Forges and Power Hammers

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CD: Key to Blacksmithing
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