Traditional Blacksmith

Welcome to the Kestrel Ridge Forge, LLC blacksmith store. Here you will find hand-forged items that are practical, useful, and artistic. Items range from furniture to pure art. Everything is hand crafted in a traditional 1700s style blacksmith shop making every item unique.

Kestrel Ridge Forge Master blacksmith Jay Silber has been blacksmithing for 40 years. For Jay, quality and creative design always come first; blacksmithing is a true passion and it's all about excelling the craft while delivering both function and art.

This is not a typical store or a typical web site. We don't take credit cards, the fees are too high and it just adds to the cost to the final consumer, you. Many items shown are custom projects designed and built to order for an individual customer. However, because the items are very representative of the work we do, they are included for your viewing. Should one of these custom items spark interest, contact us directly to discuss optons.

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